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Commitment to Sustainability

Metal Recycling & Processing Facility


Competitive prices based off CMX. LME and MWT markets

Commercial and Industrial Clients only

Safety Culture


Gateway Recovery is a full-service metal recycling and processing facility. With 50+ years of scrap metal experience, you can be sure your material will be processed efficiently and safely. Our business philosophy is to provide competitive pricing and service to our customers and to ensure the reliability of our materials to our consumers.


Maximizing the value of your recyclables is our goal. Gateway Recovery specializes in servicing industrial and commercial accounts throughout the United States States as well as Mexico and Central America.

Our dedicated
team strives to provide
innovative, safe, and environmentally responsible

At Gateway Recovery, our mission is to be a
leading force in sustainable resource management
by operating a state-of-the-art metals
recycling facility.

We are committed to conserving natural resources, reducing environmental impact, and promoting economic vitality within our community. Our dedicated

team strives to provide

innovative, safe, and

environmentally responsible solutions for the recycling and processing of various metals. Through our unwavering

dedication to integrity, efficiency, and  customer satisfaction, we aim to contribute to a cleaner,

greener, and more prosperous world for current and future


Zero Waste to Landfill

We actively work to reduce waste at every step of the recycling process, striving for a zero-waste outcome.


  • Dedicated Recycling ERP Software that allows full chain of custody and itimized billing.

  • XRF Analysers for quick and accurate grading of materials.

  • State of the art equipment and processes.

Circular Economy

Contributing to our customer's  Circular Economy objectives through innovative solutions.


  • Large Diameter cables 1"-7"

  • Specializes in mixed metal, hard to run or low yield cables.

  • This includes CCA and CCS.


  • 100% of material are processed Indoor, reducing risk of contamination.

  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan in place.

  • SREA Compliant.

  • Safety Culture & Safety Program.

  • LOTO Procedures.

  • AECOM Environmental & Safety accredited.

  • No exposure certification through NCDEQ.

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