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We Conserve



Zero Waste To Landfill
Our aim is to recover 100% of what we buy. We currently landfill less than 3% of our total volume
No Exposure Certification
Permitted through NCDEQ

100% Indoor Processing
All processing is done inhouse, reducing risk of contamination
Industrial And Commercial Clients Only
We know what we buy, reducing risk of hazardous
material exposure

We have an official Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan in place

Air Permit
No permitting required

SREA Compliant
Successfully completed an AECOM Environmental & Safety audit


We Care

Safety Culture

Not a single pound is worth taking a safety risk 

Active Safety Program in place as part of the Management System
Fully fledged management system in place

OSHA Compliant           
Zero OSHA recordable incidents in 2018, 2019, and 2020

Safety Award              
2019 Silver Safety Award from NC State

Logout Tagout Procedures in place​

We Adapt



Member of ISRI
Proud member of ISRI since 2000
Own Fleet
We own a large fleet of 53’ Trailers, as well as a variety of roll-offs, open tops and flatbeds

Custom Material Handling Solutions
We provide custom solution for material handling requirements, as well as environmentally safe Totes and metal bins which allows you to re-use cutting fluids
Dedicated Recycling ERP Software
We use dedicated Recycling ERP Software that allows full chain of custody and itemized settlements

Metal Analyzers
We make use of XRF Analyzers to ensure correct material identification and grading

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